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About The Book

People Journey: A Photographer’s Look at Everyday People will carry you through a 16 year span from the motorbike jungle pastors of Cambodia to the homeless on “the Riverwalk” in Jacksonville, Florida.  You will experience the medical triage team who voluteer a week  in the mountains of Honduras and many individuals, couples and families across America.

Paul Donihue, a professional photographer, and his company, has captured the heart, soul, and emotion of thousands of people, both in America and internationally.  HIs images, not of the wealthy or famous, but of people like you and me, will captivate you, and his commentary will stir your soul and heart, challenging you to pay attention to the people around you.

This is not just a book of incredible images, but much more.  Dive into the nearly eighty,  two-page themes of “People Journey” and you will see life from a different perspective.

“…, Paul Donihue teaches us to see our surroundings with fresh awareness and to engage strangers in conversation, as he does, to enter their experience of the world.  In the process, he shares that rare gift described by Scottish poet Robert Burns: He lets us “see ourselves as others see us.”

-Joe Allison, Indiana

Former Trade Book Publisher

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Nearly 80, two -page themes.




Two-Page Themes


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Compelling and Captivating Commentary  on nearly 80 themes along with incredible images.  Many of the images in the main part of the book are available for limited edition.  The author has placed 19 distinct and gorgeous images in the back of the book that are also available as limited editions.

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Thank you for including me and my son Cory on your journey.. all the pics of us and all the other ones are amazing... So glad to see you went full force with photography.. you are definitely gifted.

Tena H., Florida

I have seen a great deal of supposed great photography that isn’t. Your work could stand alone with no words.

Norman S., Pa

Time flew by quickly as I was so engrossed and captivated by the photography and reflections…(Paul) not only captured the people with his camera lens but also with his heart. …He is able to capture the inner essences of his subjects which gives the photographs such great meaning…The comments were spot on and very thought provoking.

Pam R-B, Kansas

About the author.

I am the owner of a marketing and small business consultant national company, “Today’s Biz Solutions.”  An author, entreprenur, business owner, public speaker and professional photographer, I have been serving people for nearly fifty years.

As an author, I have written two photogrpahy books,  two business books and one business series, along with multiple business systems that help a company to grow top line revenue and bottom line profits.

These two books will inspire you, challenge you and help you to grow.  I strongly encourage you to take advantage of them.

Paul Donihue

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