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About Paul Donihue


Since 2008 Paul Donihue has been a Trusted Advisor to multiple businesses, their owners, and managers. His business, Today’s Biz Solutions, a small to medium sized business solutions company went nationwide in less than 18 months. TBS (Today’s Biz Solutions) helps businesses earn top line revenue and bottom line profits.

As a  Trusted Advisor, he walks alongside owners/maagers to help them with basic business priorities, branding, and marketing.  The motto of TBS is “Taking You From Where You Are …To Where You Want To Go.” The question is: “Where Do You Want To Go?”

How We Can Help Your Business:

“Are you in the stands as a spectator, observing or rooting on others?  Or …Are you on the playing field, where the action really is?”    -Paul Donihue

Do You Need A Trusted Advisor?

You know how to make widgets, but are you effectively running your business?

Do you have an amazing idea that you’d like to turn into a business?

Has your current business hit a plateau in sales?

Do you want to pivot your business to a new or additional audience?

Are sales what they should be or do you need sales training?

Are you lost when it comes to marketing or does your marketing lack the effectiveness it should have?

You want to go to the next level but not sure how?


Just A Few Of The Companies & People We Have  Worked With…

“Paul got on the phone with me for 20 min. and by the end of the call I was feeling so much more confident… I learned more from Paul than I did …from the so called gurus. If you want to explode your business, then Paul is the guy to put your trust in.”

Rick M. – Owner, Quantom TV Network

If you are like me and are struggling with trying to sell your TV Channels, then Paul Donihue’s sales course is for you. I can’t wait to try out all the tips and tricks I’m learning from Paul!  … he teaches something that is absolutely brilliant! Get ahead of the game with (his sales) course!


Tonya Puhl

Owner, Elite Video TV Network

I can tell you that Paul Is an excellent teacher and you can’t go wrong at all with this course. He is not a gimmicky internet marketer with a sad story of how he was down on his luck and then created this product. This is the real deal training from a multi-million dollar sales excutive… I had a peak at it and you will not be disappointed. I worked as a corporate manager overseeing 11 million in sales and I found things that i didn’t know. Get this course……and no, I don’t get one dime for saying this. LOL! (Regarding Paul’s sales course, Maximum Sales)

Vincent Pilote

CEO / Owner, AVD Communications

You won’t find someone more professional! If you intend to separate your business from the others TODAY’S BIZ SOLUTIONS  is a must.

Marcus Derr

Owner, Mid Ohio Auto Styling

I have been working with Paul for over five years with a lot of success in promoting my business.

Peter Liebig

Owner, Peter Liebig Photo Art