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Need an extra push to grow your existing business or get a new idea off the ground? Let me help you reach your goals.

A Trusted Advisor For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

So many business owners and entrepreneurs get started, know how to make very good “widgets,’ however, they do not know who to run a business! I’ve spent since 2008 helping owners know HOW to run their business more effectively and on a growth pattern.

It really is my passion.  Don’t be concerned, if you are one of those, you certainly are not alone.  Most people who begin a business do not know how to run it.  HOWEVER, THERE IS HELP.  I’m here to help you succeed. I have the experience and the resources and a wonderful team around me. Let’s get started.


Taking Payments, Invoicing, Etc.

We have been helping clients with incredible merchant service solutions for 19 years.  Some of our customers have been with us since 2008.  We offer cutting edge merchant service/payment processing solutions and aim to assist your bottom line in everything we do. For more information NOW TAKE A LOOK


Sales Development, Marketing, Branding & Website Development

Not only do we do marketing, branding of all types, Google Adwords and more, but we have our own Sales Course, “Maximum Sales.”


Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Defining Expectations

It’s hard to imagine, but ask a business person if they have a business plan, a marketing plan, or goals and plans written down, and you are often looking at someone who is looking at a deer in a headlight.  It’s a MUST to know where you want to go and how to get there.


Operations, Personnel, Team Building, and Scaling Up

Who you have on the bus is most important, but it doen’t stop there.  You need to know that the person on the bus is in the RIGHT SEAT.  I, believe, to have a successful business we need to make sure that our team of people actually see themselves as “valued partners.”


Branding, On-Line/Off-Line Marketing, Video Creation

Marketing is changing so fast and so revolutionary that it is hard for a company to keep up, let alone an entrepreneur or small business to know what to do. Often times they pick a friend or relative to help out.  Wrong thing to do.  Your Trusted Advisor can guide, direct and implement a successful marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Trusted advisor?
We used to call them consultants.  But a trusted advisor is much more than that. He/she is a person who doesn’t just consult but walks along side the owner/manager/business and advises, coordinates, involves him/herself in the process so that the business will get to where they want to be.  He/she is TRUSTED, listened to and followed because he/she has the experience and the heart of the business at hand. 
How Do I Know if A TRUSTED ADVISOR Is Right for Me?
Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the business, losing ground instead of gaining ground?  Do you find yourself not knowing where to turn or needing an extra outside voice that will give some insight and guidance?

Are you feeling lost in a huge world and your dream is slipping away?  Or, do you need to go to the next level, but not sure how to get there?  Then a trusted advisor should be where you turn.


Do You Only Work With Established Companies?
We work with entrepreneurs, owners of longer established businesses, managers, and sales people.  
Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?
We can be hired on the short term, but frankly, the value of a trusted advisor is to have one for the long haul.  We like to work with a 6-12 month commitment, at the least and base your investment on not only how many hours do you want or need but how long is the commitment.