“And the beat goes on…” Business Success Enterprises has always provided resources for business owners, managers, salespeople and other employees. It has tried to identify many of the issues facing small and medium sized businesses and its personnel coming up with the solutions for success. From its beginning in 2008, under the umbrella of Bedrock Alliance Group, Inc., Business Success Enterprises (BSE) has been dedicated to becoming a transportation company. Oh not a real live transportation company with actual trucks, etc., but a business that endeavors to take a company from where it presently is to where it wants to go.

From books, to book series, to audio books, to live seminars turned into video seminars,to turn key systems, to sales training, to branding/marketing, BSE is on the cutting edge of providing resources to struggling businesses or to start-ups.

Now BSE is turning to placing some of its material on iTune books and Kindle. In the months ahead, watch for some of our books and material to be found in those venues. We will let you know when.

Watch for new books now being written or edited, such as “Making The Right Choices in Business and In Life,” by Paul Donihue and a book on making your trade show experience the very best, written by an experienced trade show vendor, Bryan Donihue. He has seen and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly and will help you make your next trade show a successful experience. Watch for his writing in the near future.

Coming in January 2013, BSE has turned to helping Professional Photographers and will be unveiling a fully complete turn key business development system that will help pro photographers build their businesses into successful enterprises in little known areas to the local professional photographer. Using the system now, Photo Expressions Place LLC, also owned by BSE CEO, Paul Donihue, is continuing to grow towards a goal of a regional event photography provider.

Teaming up with Northwest Professional Color and Walters Publishing, along with potentially other heavy hitter vendors, BSE’s newly anticipated turn key business development system will be presented in a series of sales meetings with professional photographers. Watch for the anticipated details coming in early fall.

A new MasterMind group will also be introduced at the same time to encourage those with the system and others to be effective businessmen and marketers as well as professional photographers.

Business Success Enterprises …watching out for the small and medium sized business! For more information, contact Paul Donihue, by message or through http://www.todaysbizsolutions.com

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