Be sure to check out and become a fan of “Making Rain With Photography,” a facebook page just for Pro Photographers.  Many of the concepts apply to other businesses, but we provide an additional resource through Making Rain with… Continue reading

Business Success Enterprises will be at the 2015 SPI convention in Orlando, Florida.  BSE will be showcasing their newly updated  “Ready, Set, Connect. Drive Your Revenue with Church Photography” complete business development turn key system.  Dates are… Continue reading

So, I taught this high school class a couple of months ago for 23 students on the high school’s yearbook staff. It was “The World of Professional Photography and Business.” A lot of fun, and cool to see the technology… Continue reading

BE WHERE YOU CAN RESPOND. It is intentional. It is a decision you make. It is making yourself available. It means not restricting yourself. It means not placing yourself in a “limiting situation.”

What do I mean? I have found… Continue reading

So, I got off the phone and it struck me what this photography industry giant had actually said to me. It was worse than my own suspicion and research. We had been chatting, as I do, about photographers today, and… Continue reading

EXCUSES ARE NOT DETOURS, THEY ARE DEAD ENDS! I am so tired of excuses. “But you don’t know the number of photographers in my little town.” “I have to lower my prices because …” “I can’t seem to get people… Continue reading

The photographer wrote me telling me that she was really struggling and needed my help. After my very general, “What can I help you with, (with no mention of cost),” she indicated that she couldn’t afford any help (I hadn’t… Continue reading